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The Best Death: How to Die Well
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The Best Death: How to Die Well

Author: Sarah Winch

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, how do you plan for the best death possible?
In April 2008 Sarah Winch’s husband, Lincoln, died from kidney cancer that was diagnosed only four months earlier. He was 48. 
Sarah and Lincoln prepared as best they could for his death. Her 30 years as a registered nurse and ethicist, specifically focused on end-of-life care, did not fully prepare Sarah for Lincoln’s death, but it did help them plan for the best death possible.
This book advocates for taking control of the final stages of life. It opens up the conversation around death and encourages us to become more informed about how we want to die.
This is an intimate, compassionate and practical guide, from someone with uniquely relevant personal and professional experience.