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Australians in Papua New Guinea 1960–1975

Edited by Ceridwen Spark, Seumas Spark
and Christina Twomey

Australians in Papua New Guinea, provides a history of the late Australian years in Papua New Guinea leading up to Independence in 1975, through the eyes of thirteen Australian and four Papua New Guineans. Foreword by Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania 2011–2014.

Latest Collection

Australians in PNG 1960–1975 is the lead title for Collection Two that includes the re-publication of some highly acclaimed studies in the field. These are all available now in all formats.

Dorothy Shineberg, They Came for Sandalwood (1967)

Sione Latukefu, Church and State in Tonga (1974)

Caroline Ralston, Grass Huts and Warehouses (1977)

Claudia Knapman, White Women in Fiji 1835–1930 (1986)

Mary Patterson and Martha Macintyre (eds), Managing Modernity in the Western Pacific (2011)

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About UQ ePress

UQ ePress is an academic imprint of the University of Queensland Press (UQP) with the first series dedicated to Pacific Studies. Additional series are currently in development.

UQ ePress combines the best of print publishing traditions with the rich possibilities of online and digital media. Our goal is to invigorate and strengthen scholarly publishing in multiple disciplines with more sustainable production processes and publishing formats.

Commencing with Pacific Studies, new disciplines will be introduced as this new model and imprint is developed. Environment and Sustainability, Biological Science and Political Science are the fields most likely to be introduced in the future. All scholarly titles published are subject to rigorous peer review and editorial guidelines, and will be designed and produced to the highest standards of quality. All UQ ePress books are distributed globally through mainstream book stores and libraries, physical and online. Academic authors in Australia will also be eligible to claim compliance with Higher Education Research Data Collection when publishing through the UQ ePress.

Most UQ ePress titles will also be available to read free-of-charge, online. The purpose of combining Open Access with commercial distribution is to reach as many readers as possible and to stimulate the development and flow of new knowledge, while ensuring all book formats are of a high production standard with lasting value. Most titles are available in full as HTML versions online, at no charge. Ebook formats retail for $AUD16.50 each and printed books for $AUD38.50.

An Editorial Committee for each field of research serves as the authority and coordinating body to determine what gets published and what forms of multimedia publishing might be explored with each new title. Authors are encouraged to consider how their bibliography might become an online exhibition of the major themes in their work.

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration in the field of Pacific Studies, please send an email to the ePress Manager, to request a copy of the UQ ePress Guide for Authors and Manuscript Submission form.


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